Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Branson On A Budget

Branson, MO~~Day 1

Keith & I had never been to Branson. When we attended the Oklahoma City RV Show in February we put our name in for a drawing.  We were "selected" to receive a special offer of a 3 day, 2 night vacation package including tickets to see a show at The Grand Country for the low price of $99.  Now what this actually meant was, we were now expected to come listen to a 90 minute sales presentation about travel club membership. We thought "Why not? It fits the budget & it's not too far from the house." We paid our money and set a date with them.  

By the time we made it to Branson on our planned date we had launched into our full-time lifestyle. We made a plan to stay at a local campground and then stay over night at the hotel so the kids could swim and we'd have a cool hotel room.  We have pets on board so we couldn't stay away too much you know. 

 We arrived a day early so we could have time to set up camp and look around town.
It was decided that we would stay at Branson View Campground.
We are members of a group called FullTime Families and because we are, this campground offers HALF PRICE on their daily or weekly rate to us.

We were greeted by management and given our site assignment. While at check in we were told about the evening potluck and invited to join them. 
We left to get settled in but returned sooner than they expected us to. 
The site we were assigned to had another guest on unwelcomed guest of sorts...

A swarm of yellow jackets came out of this old tree stump that was in the driveway area of our pad. With Keith driving over it several times with his loud diesel engine they were madder than all get out. And get out they did!! They were swarming the truck, I was yelling at Keith & the kids to roll up the windows and then...I went running for my life.  I didn't get away quick enough though. One got me...TWICE.

I drove down to the office in my car to let them know we would not be able to use that spot while Keith took a round through the park.    

Management felt so terrible about it. Immediately, they went into action to exterminate the nest.
They gave me an ice pack, a Benadryl and a new site assignment.  Yay!

I had no idea how itchy a yellow jacket sting could be...then multiply it times two! Wowzers.
It was swollen, red and itchy for days.

Our new site was great!  We were right next to the bath house and the view just down the hill from us was amazing.

After we got settled in we strolled down to the potluck. It was such a great time of fellowship! So many wonderful folks were there.
We were the only family unit in attendance of the fulltimers.  We all shared what our plans were while in town. They were all surprised when we said we would not be going to Silver Dollar City. It just wasn't in our budget. One of the ladies stopped by our table to chat a bit and then said, "I'll be right back. Please do not leave until I come back."
When she returned she handed me 4 guest passes to Silver Dollar City. She is a workamper there and they earn free passes each month to give to family or friends. I teared up at her generosity. What a blessing we had just been handed!
Our girls were so excited!
This week was looking better and better and if the folks down in town were half as friendly as our new campground friends then boy howdy, it's going to be great week for sure.

**Branson View Campground is an excellent place for families. It's very clean and well kept. The bath houses were never dirty and the laundry room was very clean. The grounds were well maintained and the view overlooking Branson was beautiful. They have several decks with porch swing or sitting chairs to rest in and enjoy the view. They do have a pool however, it was too cool for us to enjoy during our stay in September. We will visit here again and hope you will too!
You can find them on Facebook and they have a blog page as well.

They offer discount rates for Military (Active & Veterans), AAA, AARP, Good Sam, Seniors over 55, SDC Season Ticket holders and Members of  Fulltime Families

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